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ProcessorXcel is a premier provider of complete mortgage loan processing, compliance and quality control underwriting services to the mortgage industry.  We enable Brokers/Lenders to focus on originating loans while we complete all of the processing related tasks required to fund a loan efficiently.  Our experienced processing team allows us to provide the highest possible quality service on every file.


With more than 20 years in the mortgage industry, we know what it takes to close the loan from both the task perspective and the customer care point of view.  We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of mortgage loan processing.   Whether you are a large mortgage brokerage firm who needs overflow support during high-volume periods, or a small real estate office that wants to reduce or eliminate the expenses associated with an in-house loan processor, we can assist you.  Our dedicated and efficient team of processors are experienced in Conventional, Sub-prime, FHA, VA and Reverse loans


Our goal is to help Brokers/Lenders close more loans faster.  ProcessorXcel is an innovative and dynamic company with many years of mortgage loan processing experience.   Our formula for success is our attention to details, exceptional customer services and dedication to our clients.  We will process each loan with the expertise and priority you would expect from an in-house processor.



Processing Home Purchases & Refinances

Step I - Set Up/Assign a Processor who will act as a single point of contact for all your files * Review file and input the data once received * Additional items report is generated if needed * Title, appraisals, payoffs, VOMs, VOEs, etc are ordered. (as necessary) * With your permission, client is contacted to obtain any needed information * A status report showing all completed work is generated * Follow up on all items


Processing Home Purchases & Refinances

Step II - Submission - Monitor and manage underwriting process *Contact the Broker/Lender for any possible last minute changes *Work with Underwriter and Client to clear all conditions *Request preliminary CD for fee verification


Processing Home Purchases & Refinances

Step III - Closing  -  Monitor and manage closing process *Coordinate closing schedule *Return the file to broker/lender after funding - files are returned via Dropbox


* Always meet volume demands - Everyone in the mortgage industry knows that business can fluctuate.  It can be next to impossible to find, train and keep a full processing staff when the market is booming and hard to let a valued employee go when the market slows down.  ProcessorXcel can reduce or eliminate the need for an in-house processor while at the same time helping you meet volume demands during the fluctuating times   

* Relieve compliance concerns - The mortgage industry is currently undergoing major regulatory changes.  Nearly every state has enacted laws that requires more detailed reporting and more disclosures.  This can take precious time away from originating loans and can be extremely costly.

*Lower overhead expenses - Outsourcing to ProcessorXcel helps to reduce the overhead expenses of salaries, benefits, workers compensation, sick time, paid vacation, training, etc. associated with in-house processors. 


*Rely on a specialist - Our loan processors specialize in Conventional, Jumbo, VA and FHA loans. All have years of experience processing mortgage loans and are proficient with the latest technology to efficiently process your loan.  Each processor is trained by Senior Managers who oversee all the files

*Have a dedicated and skilled loan processing team - You will be assigned your own processor consultant who knows you, your files and how you like to work.  All loans are processed in our office.  We do not subcontract with off site processors.  

*Outsourcing is the way to go - Outsourcing loan processing has become a way for mortgage brokers/lenders to stay competitive. Originators often lack the time, experience or compliance expertise to effectively process their own loans, so outsourcing is a great option.


  Q. What is your turnaround time? 

A. 24 hours from the time we receive all of the upfront conditions from the broke/Lender  

Q. Are there cancellation or turn down fees? 

A. If we have not ordered conditions, received conditions or began to work on the file, there is no charge. If we have received conditions and work has begun, there is a $100.00 charge

Q. Do you contact the borrower or vendors? 

A. It is up to you.  If you would like to maintain sole contact with the Borrower or Vendors that is fine with ProcessorXcel.  We will maintain contact with the lender and provide status reports  

Q. How does ProcessorXcel get paid? 

A. We get our processing fee at the time of closing as a third party additional line fee on the CD

Q. Is there a Final Broker/Lender File

A. Yes. A Final Broker/Lendr File will be provided after closing. The Final File will be provided via Dropbox Lin

Q. Do Contract Processors have to be licensed in the state of Georgia? A. Yes, Contract Processors do have to be licensed in the State of Georgia through the Department of Banking and Finance.


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